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County Line Auto Parts, headquartered in Kingsville, Missouri, is your go-to source for recycled Chevrolet auto parts for those residing the United States and Canada. Chevrolet, an iconic American automotive manufacturer, is celebrated for its enduring commitment to quality, innovation, and top-tier performance.

At County Line Auto Parts, we know the importance of repairing your Chevrolet with genuine, high-quality components. This is why we carry an extensive selection of certified new, remanufactured, and recycled Chevrolet parts, encompassing everything from engines and transmissions to sensors and accessories.

Chevrolet Parts Available in Kansas City:
  • Chevrolet Air and Fuel Parts
  • Chevrolet Brake Parts
  • Chevrolet Center Body Parts
  • Chevrolet Cooling and Heating Parts
  • Chevrolet Doors
  • Chevrolet Drivetrain
  • Chevrolet Electrical Parts
  • Chevrolet Engines
  • Chevrolet Engine Accessories
  • Chevrolet Entertainment and Parts
  • Chevrolet Front Body Parts
  • Chevrolet Glass and Mirrors
  • Chevrolet Interior and Parts
  • Chevrolet Lights
  • Chevrolet Rear Body Parts
  • Chevrolet Steering and Parts
  • Chevrolet Suspension and Parts
  • Chevrolet Transmission and Parts
  • Chevrolet Wheels and Accessories

Chevrolet's enduring commitment to excellence demands parts of exceptional quality, and our ARA Gold Seal certified team ensures that every component we offer meets these stringent standards. Whether you're a devoted Chevrolet enthusiast, a professional mechanic, or an automotive parts retailer, County Line Auto Parts is your trusted partner to keep your Chevrolet operating at its peak performance.

What sets County Line Auto Parts apart is our vast supply of parts. With over 3 million combined square feet of covered warehouse space between us and our partners and a substantial inventory of salvaged vehicles on hand, we provide a diverse selection of new, remanufactured, and certified pre-owned Chevrolet automotive parts for sale.

We are intimately familiar with our inventory and can source your part if it's not readily available. Our expansive space ensures that we'll have the Chevrolet parts you need in stock and accessible, providing a convenient one-stop solution for authentic Chevrolet components to help maintain, repair, and enhance your Chevrolet's value.  If in the event we don't have the part you seek readily available, don't worry, we can often find what you need through our other affiliated part suppliers across the country.  

At County Line Auto Parts, we take pride in assisting you in keeping your Chevrolet on the road, delivering high-quality auto components at warehouse-direct prices. As a family-owned operation and the largest privately owned salvage yard in Kansas City, we invite you to explore our website further to learn more about us and visit our photo gallery and read some pretty incredible customer testimonials

If you have specific Chevrolet parts inquiries, send us a question directly or don't hesitate to contact us at 816-697-3535. Our team is eager to help assist you!  We work hard to respond to our customers’ inquiries promptly within a few short business hours and look forward to helping you with your auto part search. 
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