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Positioned Southeast of Kansas City in Kingsville, Missouri, County Line Auto Parts stands as your premier hub for top-tier recycled Tesla parts for those who reside in the United States or Canada. As one of the largest privately held salvage yards and part warehouses in America, County Line Auto Parts hosts an extensive inventory of pre-owned Tesla parts, accessories, and components for sale. Celebrated for their design, speed and electric power, Tesla has been on the positive side of groundbreaking contributions to automotive manufacturing and electronic vehicles since 2003.

County Line Auto Parts recognizes the vital importance of preserving and restoring your Tesla vehicle with authentic, high-quality Tesla parts.  We cater to automotive technicians, and automotive parts and service shops across the country.  Through the daily disassembly of a diverse selection of certified pre-owned and recycled Tesla parts, we go beyond mere mechanical tasks, taking pride in the meticulous care of salvaged components so that our customers can trust their quality County Line parts are operational and functional.

Tesla Parts Available for Sale in Kansas City:
  • Tesla Air and Fuel Parts
  • Tesla Brake Parts
  • Tesla Center Body Parts
  • Tesla Cooling and Heating Parts
  • Tesla Doors
  • Tesla Drivetrain
  • Tesla Electrical Parts
  • Tesla Engines
  • Tesla Engine Accessories
  • Tesla Entertainment and Parts
  • Tesla Front Body Parts
  • Tesla Glass and Mirrors
  • Tesla Interior and Parts
  • Tesla Lights
  • Tesla Rear Body Parts
  • Tesla Steering and Parts
  • Tesla Suspension and Parts
  • Tesla Transmission and Parts
  • Tesla Wheels and Accessories

County Line Auto Parts boasts an extensive selection of Tesla parts available for sale whether you live in Kansas City or abroad, covering everything from batteries and body parts to engines and transmissions. If you're in search of genuine Tesla-approved parts, consult with our ARA Gold Seal certified team at County Line Auto Parts, and we will assist you in finding precisely what you need.

Beyond featuring a surplus of salvaged vehicles on-site, County Line Auto Parts provides a diverse array of new, remanufactured, and recycled certified pre-owned parts at discounted pricing.  Strengthened by robust partnerships with trusted parts suppliers across the country, including several local partners, we ensure swift and efficient fulfillment of your part requirements in case we don't have items on-site.

Devoted to supplying authentic Tesla parts quickly to our customers, County Line Auto Parts, along with our partnerships, possess over 3 million square feet of combined indoor warehouse space filled with a vast selection of inventory that typically ensures we have what you need. Leveraging our extensive warehousing capability and countrywide team, we seek to be a comprehensive, one-stop solution for genuine Tesla components with the goal of providing you with parts that can get your Tesla in tip-top shape.

County Line Auto Parts aims to be your preferred source for discounted warehouse-direct Tesla parts. Deepen your understanding of our operation by acquainting yourself with our team, learning more about us, and reading some of our customer reviews.

For personalized inquiries concerning a specific Tesla part, direct a message to us here or feel free to give us a call at 816-697-3535. Anticipate a prompt response from our team within a few business hours of your inquiry.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! 
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